Funeral for a Friend – Forever on Ghosts of the Road

It’s always sad to see a good band disband. Such was the case shortly after we premiered our Ghosts of the Road episode with Funeral for a Friend, they called it quits. Not long thereafter, they did a run of final shows.

But I have fond memories of this shoot. We had the opportunity to follow singer Matthew Davies-Kreye around for the day while he did press at a local radio station (afk M94.5) and a video interview back at the venue.

Ghosts of the Road tends to be a whole lot of footage of gear being set up and folks sitting backstage playing on their phones. So when we get to go outside on a field trip, it always makes for a more dynamic episode.

FreqsFact: This is actually the second shoot that Kai and I did together for FreqsTV. The first one was At the Gates, but I forgot to write that so I’m writing it here! While it’s mostly cool to go alone and even preferable to maintain a smaller footprint, At the Gates was a bigger venue and it was good that Kai could film B-roll while I was conducting the interview for instance. With FFF, we followed Matthew to the radio station and it was just nice to have the two of us for the trip.

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