EFFECT PEDALS! Oliver Ackermann and Death by Audio on DIYfreqs

I first met Oliver Ackermann, of both Death by Audio pedals and A Place to Bury Strangers fame, back around 2009 when I was making my feature The Dragons of Jim Green. I was a fan of APTBS and really was excited about the pedals Oliver was making. I wanted to see if he would let me use some of those for my films soundtrack.  He did!

We met up at the now defunct Death By Audio mixed-use space in Brooklyn (more on that in the FreqsFacts below). He showed me how he made the pedals and gave me a tour of the studio/venue/living space.

Fast forward about 6 years to the launch of FreqsTV. Just after we kicked off the Ghosts of the Road series, Kai and I talked about the idea to make a show about pioneers in the music scene. Not just musicians but also engineers, DIY go-getters, and folks who were generally pushing music in some way or another. Because I knew Oliver and because Kai was a massive APTBS fan, we said: „Hey! let’s get Oliver in here!“

That actually meant we needed someone to film him back in my prior home in NYC (I am in Munich since 2011). No one could be a better choice than my co-producer & editor on The Dragons of Jim Green than Ted Weinbaum. Ted is a man of many talents. He met up with Oliver at the newly built Death by Audio Headquarters and in typical FreqsTV fashion directed, shot and edited the premiere episode of our series DIYfreqs. Reverb.com came on as a media partner to help promote the film and the good work Mr. Ackermann is doing.

FreqsFacts: The original Death by Audio venue in Williamsburg Brooklyn was an extremely important landmark in the DIY, Indie, Shoegaze, Noise scene, promoting up-and-coming bands, curating culture and offering an alternative to the glitzier parts of NYC. The building was eventually bought out and Oliver and Co. forced out to make way for some global, corporate entity who probably didn’t care or even know the significance of the DBA legacy. Oh, wait, no, it was Vice.

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