At the Gates, Reunited and Ready to Conquer – Ghosts of the Road

Ok, back to some METAL! And At the Gates are one of THE classic Swedish Death Metal bands. For me, this was super exciting as I was a huge fan of Slaughter of the Soul from ’95.

It’s safe to say that the At the Gates Ghost of the Road episode was one of the ones which really put FreqsTV on the map. Many, many news sites and magazines shared the episode and our subscriber rate on Youtube started to go up. When we would meet other bands later on, if they had seen a FreqsTV video, it was probably this one.

This is partly due to the fact that Anders reveals in his narration that the band doesn’t make a living solely with the band, and must work regular jobs. This is a theme we will often come back to in this series as well as in our Anchors to Asphalt series. One of the things we try to do at FreqsTV is show the reality of the working bands. Those artists who have opened up to us on this side have also gained a lot of respect from their fanbase in our comments section. I think it helps show the fans how difficult it is to make a living as a metal band. And if you are only in it for the money, then you will likely be disappointed.

I was once at a Film Market workshop talking about Independent Film Distribution while making my feature film, The Dragons of Jim Green. The special guest of the workshop proposed a question to the audience: What is the only reason for making an independent film? Several attendees gave answers ranging from „to earn money“, „to make a name for yourself“, „to make a statement“. WRONG! The only reason to make an independent film is because you have to. You have no choice. It’s in your DNA. You must make this movie.

The same is true with metal.

FreqsFact: The mysterious thermos with the label The Unholy Grail at 4:23 is not alcohol. Does anyone know what is actually in there? We do =-) Free t-shirt if you can guess…

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