Fear Factory Bus Crash Cannot Stop the Juggernauts – Anchors to Asphalt

Fear mother§$%& Factory!

Ok, me and Kai are fans since at least 1995 with the release of Demanufacture. I can remember hearing the opening track of that album when it came out and hearing that kick drum sound. That kick drum kinda changed everything. With that album, Fear Factory ushered in a new sound.

On the day of our shoot, I woke up to the news on Blabbermouth that Fear Factory had been in an accident that night on their way to Munich.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 23.11.39.png

I wrote the manager, once we knew that everyone was ok, and said Hey, we don’t have to film today if the guys need to take it easy.

Hell no, they want to film!

Ok then, here we come! There is no question that Fear Factory are the real deal. They come to work, and their hard work has paid off.


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