Soilwork Classic Hour: 80’s Music, Schnapps & Friends – Anchors to Asphalt

Back in 1999/2000 I was extremely focused on the metal music coming out of Sweden. Opeth, In Flames, Evergrey, Pain of Salvation, Dark Tranquillity, Andromeda, Darkane, Katatonia, the list goes on. When Soilwork’s Chainheart Machine came out, I literally flipped out. This was fast, aggressive, melodic, extreme music. This band Soilwork were bringing it. I was an instant fan, and went back to buy the debut Steelbath Suicide. Then in 2001, A Predator’s Portrait dropped and the heaviness and speed came bursting forth in new, dynamic ways. But then Natural Born Chaos followed. Produced by Devin Townsend, this album changed everything for Soilwork. They perfected their wall-of-sound attack, they got heavier and more focused and even more melodic.

The first few years of the 2000’s were absolutely magic for Swedish metal. Haven, Blackwater Park, The Perfect Element, Natural Born Chaos, Clayman, Last Fair Deal Gone Down, Insanity. This was a mini-golden-age for Swedish Melodic Death metal for me.

Getting to hang for a day with Björn and Co. for a day was a milestone. Watching them perform and seeing the energy they brought to the night was an inspiration.

FreqsFact: One of my favorite FreqsTV moments was when Björn invited me to particpate in their typical tour ritual, Classic Hour, where they drink Danish schnapps, Gammel Dansk, eat a plate of meats and cheeses and watch old 80’s videos like this one from MTV’s Spring Break 1986. Classic Hour, indeed!

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