Introducing the Freqs Podcast: Episode 001: Top 5 Albums of 2018 featuring Thorsten Zahn of Metal Hammer and Bart from Straightline


48425488_552741548534551_2178249009842356224_nWelcome to the start of something new for 2019, Freqs! We will now be launching several ongoing- and mini-series podcasts for your listening pleasure.

In episode 001 of the original FreqsTV Podcast, FreqsTV crew Randy M. Salo, Valérie Blais, and Kai Metzner are joined by Metal Hammer Editor-in-Chief Thorsten Zahn and frontman for skate punk thrashers, Straightline, to break down their top favourites and biggest disappointments of 2018.

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You can also listen to a playlist of all the albums we discussed here:


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