FreqsTV presents: 25 Years of Dream Theater’s Images & Words

This is it. One of the films that I have been waiting to make for many years. Ultimately, the result of ten years of pursuing the chance to have the opportunity.

Dream Theater are celebrating 25 years of their classic sophmore album and the single that would put them on the world’s stage: Pull Me Under. They just wrapped up the final leg of their worldwide tour where they played the landmark record from beginning to end.

While the band were touring through Munich, I was given the greenlight to film the building of the show and to grab an interview with John Petrucci on the making of their seminal work.

We brought out all of the tricks. Kai, Michi, Kris and I spent the whole day at the venue using multiple cameras,  timelapse photography, drones, steadicams, slow-motion and more. We got really lucky with the location to film John’s interview. Next to the venue was a completely empty, renovated factory-turned-event-space which is owned by the venue. The house manager allowed us to come in and setup for the interview. The concrete foundation gave me the metaphor for the foundation of Images & Words for Dream Theater.

The  archival footage primarily comes from the Live in Tokyo concert film the band produced at the time, plus all of the original videos from that album.

The skatepark scene at the beginning was born out of the audio intro to the Images & Words set from the live show. John had put together the radio intro, with lots of classic tracks from around 1992. I had suggested to him that we recreate the audio intro with a live action sequence. I thought it would be cool to see a girl walk into a skatepark with an old boombox and start flipping through the station. It sets the stage and helps establish the musical landscape of mainstream radio at the time that Dream Theater broke out.

We filmed the scene outside one of our favorite venues in Munich, the Feierwerk, where we had filmed such bands as Crowbar, Funeral For a Friend, Polar, Sleepmakeswaves, Heretoir and Deafheaven. Me and Kai brought along Phil, Kris and my friends Nicky and Dave to be our background extras. Our friend Dani played the lead. Alex was also there to make the behind-the-scenes video which you will soon see! Several changes of clothes and we made 4 people look like 40! I bought the boom box a mere 2 days before the shoot from a guy who lived near our office. Stay tuned for the making-of Vlog, Freqs!

FreqsFact: There are two die-hard DT fan easter eggs in this video. If you can name both of them before I release the making of video, you will win a FreqsTV t-shirt.

I will leave you with the classic Pull Me Under music video:


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