Polar: You have to appreciate the people who got you here – Ghosts of the Road

I actually met Woody and the boys in Polar way back in the first year of FreqsTV when I filmed Betraying the Martyrs for Ghosts of the Road. Then we met again at the 10th Anniversary Never Say Die! Tour where they were playing. They are in our feature on the tour, but we actually shot a small interview with Woody and Fabian where they talk about being on that monumental tour. But it didn’t make the movie. In the end, it was more fitting to have Marco Walzel from Avocado Booking to talk about the tour that he founded. But perhaps we will release that nice interview with the Polar boys on another occasion.

A few months after I saw them at NSD!, Polar returned to Munich on a headlining tour and I knew it would be a great time to do another Ghosts of the Road episode. They were playing in a venue we had not filmed in before for FreqsTV (Sunny Red) and in the end there is a lot more live footage in this episode than most GotR episodes. The original concept was to show the band from load-in until they hit the stage and then cut out of it. But on this particular occasion, the energy in the small room was so cool that I felt like it was a part of the Polar story. So there it is. In black and white.

Ride along, Freqs…

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