Chris Cornell Tribute on Auto-Capella

Most of us on the team at FreqsTV grew up on Soundgarden and the voice of Chris Cornell. It was a tragedy for music to lose such an influential songwriter and performer.

It felt like we should make some kind of tribute to Mr. Cornell. We asked around in our local Munich rock scene for any singers who might be up to the challenge of singing a few CC songs in a car for our series, Auto-Cappella. Three brave souls stepped forward. JD from the JD Power Trio, Ben from Braindead Wavelength and David from Swan Valley Heights.

We wanted to find a nice location and Kai had the idea of asking the drive-in movie theater not too far from Munich – AutoKino Ascheim. The very generous manager of the  theater invited us to come. So we packed up Nadja, Phil, Alex and Michi to make this happen. The drone shots, for me, add an emotional touch for me. I’m happy we were able to open up a show that takes place in a car to the beautiful landscape around us.

You can watch a making of this video over here.

FreqsFact: We actually recorded four songs from Chris Cornell. The 4th was the theme song from Casino Royale „You Know My Name“ but once we heard the mood of the other songs in the moment they were singing them, we realized the Bond song didn’t feel right to the overall feeling of the video so we left it out.

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