Think Your Band is Progressive? Meet Norway’s Shining – Into the Machine

I was first blown away Shining when they opened for the Devin Townsend Project a few years ago. I was there making a Ghosts of the Road episode with Devin and I met Jørgen and Co. backstage. I had never heard of them before. But when they hit the stage and Jørgen whipped out that saxaphone I was completely knocked out. I had never heard anyone play the Sax on metal in such away (not true, i actually had been listening to him on Ihsahn records for awhile and didn’t realize it).

Nevertheless, after the show I rushed back and asked if we could shoot something the next time he was in town. And so we did! We brought on a new great editor who started his tenure with the Freqs on this episode. Nice job Raimond!

FreqsTip: If you havent seen the video of Shining playing on top of a cliff in Norway you are missing out on something:

FreqsFact: Shinings drummer,  Tobias Ørnes Andersen, was formerly in the band Leprous and brought in Baard Kolstad to replace him on some Leprous and Ihsahn tours. But eventually, they decided that Baard should become the full-time drummer for Leprous. More on that story coming soon!

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