NOBODY PROGS LIKE HAKEN – Ghosts of the Road

Ok the wait is over. You all knew we were gonna soon feature Haken in another documentary and that day has come. Haken have now surpassed Steven Wilson as the most recurring band on FreqsTV.

This time we welcome the English prog torch-bearers to our  dreamy, introspective tour series, Ghosts of the Road. It’s funny, because if you compare the mood of this  video to the Toto’s Africa A Cappella video we did with them (which was on the same day btw) you will see an immediate contrast. Throw some ambient music (more on that in a moment) in there and make the footage black and white and you can change the entire feeling of a series.

One of our new guys, and a big Haken fan, Kevin edited this one, and I particularly love the section between 2:47 – 3:12. Nice work, Kev!

So for those you keeping score at home, and who are thinking about how to make the most out of one shooting day, this is the 4th episode we made from this one day of shooting. We did the Auto-Cappella with Haken singing Toto’s Africa, we edited a making-of video for that, we did a Spotlight episode with support band Rendezvous Pointe and we shot this all-day episode of Ghost of the Road with Haken.  German efficiency (at least on the part of my crew, as I am an American…)!

And, yes, that is a duck chilling in a flower pot at the rock venue.

FreqsFact: I haven’t talked about music so far on this blog. Shows like Into the Machine, Anchors to Asphalt and Spotlight, use music from the band. But Ghosts of the Road uses ambient scores to create a certain mood. So we can do an episode with Swedish death metallers, At the Gates, and it will feel just like an episode with punk rockers, Against Me!. For many of these episodes, we use Royalty free ambient tracks that we buy. But many other times, either Kai or I will actually write the score. On this episode, it’s Kai who did the music under the moniker, Cosmonaut. Which is fitting…

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