MONSTER TRUCK: Truckin‘ across Europe – Ghosts of the Road

I forgot to say this in the last post, but hey, Ghosts of the Road is back!

Technically, this would be Season 2 but as we are trying to tackle other big developments I don’t want to commit to saying that. We will be filming several episodes of both Ghosts of the Road and Into the Machine over the next months.

On this episode, we caught up with Canadian rockers Monster Truck. Kai and I shot this together and at one point we had to split up because half the band wanted to go to the beer garden and Jeremy, who i was scheduled to interview was gonna stay back at the venue. So Kai got to go have beer with the band at the beer garden, and I stayed back in the dark venue. I did get a great (and quite personal) interview with Jeremy but there was nothing else happening until the doors opened up. So what did Kai do because he’s such a good buddy? He kept sending me beer pics from the beer garden and all the fun they were having. Thanks Kai!

But seriously, it’s great when we can split up and grab separate kinds of moments. Having the shots outside in a new place is always refreshing for the viewer than just seeing the venue and everyone sitting around backstage on their phones.



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