NAPALM DEATH: Stop the Killing! -Anchors to Asphalt

Heavy metal royalty in the house. Napalm Death!

We pick back up with our extreme metal tour series, Anchors to Asphalt presented by Decibel Magazine, with the godfather’s of grindcore. I had actually tried to shoot this episode with the band one year before but Barney was concerned it wasnt going to be very exciting because it would have been laundry day (and they were on a travelling tour and not the headliner so it would not have been as chilled). Although, I think my goal is to do a TV show about Metal Bands on Tour doing their Laundry. Anybody want to sponsor that? Tide?

On this episode we have a brand new editor on the team, Gill Weinstein, welcome!!!

FreqsFact: This episode was shot during the annual Free & Easy Festival at Backstage in Munich. This is a cool month long festival that features local bands and international acts and is completely FREE to attend. That’s right, you can go to any of these shows for FREE! How awesome is that. So next July, I will see you there =-)


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