Series Premiere! Deafheaven: Not your older brother’s Black Metal – Staring into the Abyss

New series, Freqs!

Kai has been listening and sharing a lot of cool modern black metal, shoegaze, blackgaze, noise, and post-metal bands. He had the idea to do a series that kind of encompasses those varied genres. Deafheaven was the first band to allow us in, but it was not without a little controversy. A casual glance over the comments section on this video will reveal A.) The Haters Are Out There and B.) They Are Loud.

I am aware that Trve Black Metal fans often really dislike this new hybrid of black metal and shoegaze/post-rock, but haters gonna hate. At FreqsTV, we don’t really care about musical traditions in the sense that metal is rebellion. There is no one way to play. And all the talk of „purity“ in a musical style easily spills out across other facets of society and quite frankly, I don’t want anything to do with that.

At FreqsTV, we embrace innovation and progression. We embrace loud, soft, melodic, extreme and everything in between.

Stay tuned for more awesome, forward thinking metal, Freqs.


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