Not just Baard Kolstad’s other band. Rendezvous Point is on point and off the hook – Spotlight

I love this band. The first time I heard them, they were opening for Leprous while we were filming them for Into the Machine. The fact that Baard was playing two shows a night was one thing, but this band is so tight and melodic and prog to the Nth power! I personally became a big fan that night and the next time they came through, together with Haken, we filmed them. That was one of the most productive days we ever had. We shot an episode of Haken on Ghosts of the Road, this Spotlight episode and the Auto-Capella episode where Haken sing Toto’s Africa (and the making-of!).

FreqsFact: A little word on the new Spotlight series. Because I wanted to film Ghost of the Road with Haken on this day, and do an Auto-Cappella episode, I couldn’t dedicate all of our time to Rendezvous Point. So I came up with a sort of „mini-Into the Machine“ series that left out all of the venue and gear shots, but was simply slow-motion footage of the band playing live, crazy color correction and a black and white interview which never shows a person talking. For the interview, I asked Nadja to film the person who in that moment wasn’t giving the answer. It’s a bit strange, but I think it works. So anytime you see a band member in the interview, you just hear his voice over an image of him looking at me or his band mate. Usually these moments look bad when you do an interview with more than one person. It looks like the one who isn’t speaking is sitting there all bored. But when you put the voiceover over them not speaking, something else happens to the way you perceive the shot. Happy magic of moving making!


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