This was our first „viral“ video. Everyone kept asking us to do something more fun and not just these moody, dark series. So we thought about how we could do something funny but was in the spirit of FreqsTV. I always liked these Wayne’s World rip-offs where you have people lip-syncing songs in the car and some even have people singing along (Carpool Karaoke), but I thought, hey lets get some people who would have the courage to sing these A Cappella in my little Peugeot 207SW.

But as we had never done one before, I wasn’t sure how we could make a request to band to do this. We had to ask someone we knew. Our friends in Haken had already been featured on our prog series, Into the Machine and they were coming back through Munich in support of their new record Affinity (one of my top 5 from 2016). They are a lot of fun and easy going so i expected they wouldn’t mind trying this out. And boy did they! Ross even brought his Toto t-shirt on tour with him to wear in the video! At the last minute, Ross Jennings, Richard Henshall and Diego Tejeida jumped in as well as the bassist of Arkentype, Kjetil Hallaråker. The rest is history.

And even Steve Lukather tweeted about it!

Here’s a making-of video for this shoot!

The follow up episode of this series was not as upbeat, but nevertheless turned into a moving tribute to the late Chris Cornell.

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