Coheed and Cambria on growing older with their fans – Into the Machine

A few months after I graduated from the School of Visual Arts, where I had studied directing & cinematography, I was working as a Grip (Grips are the ones who shape the light, rig the studios, build stuff and float the camera around on dollies and jibs and cranes) on a low-budget indie film. During the Tech Scout (I talk about what that is, in this video) we driving all around Manhattan and Brooklyn. As the day wore on, I found myself sitting next to the art director on the back seat of the 15-passenger van. He had his headphones in and was listening to something that to me sounded vaguely proggy. At one point I selfishly interrupted him to ask what he was listening to. He gave me his headphones and said: Coheed and Cambria.

He started the song over. It was the opening track of their latest LP, In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3. The track was of course, the title track. I had never heard anything like it. It was kind of proggy, but also kind of emo-ish? Was it metal? Punk-rock? The guys could really play and the melodies were great („Man your own jackhammer! Man your battle stations!“). And there was a sci-fi feeling to the whole thing, so was it it Prog.

Fast-forward about 11 years later and I get to ask those questions directly to Claudio and Josh. Their answers were in fact, a little surprising.

FreqsFact: I remember really enjoying C&C in those first few years. It was like a secret band to me who was innovative, nerdy and powerful. But then in 2005, Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV | Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness (Yes to these album titles!), came out and it was playing on the juke box at my local bar. I knew then that the secret was out. And Coheed catapulted to stardom.

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