Behemoth Vs. Green and the Venues Who Want More – Anchors to Asphalt

This was another miletone for FreqsTV. This episode of Anchors to Asphalt: Extreme Metal Touring! presented by Decibel Magazine was a big episode for us. We upped the production quality by having more cameras and a great editor (thanks Leslie!) and really had the freedom to take this one to the next level.

On a side note, Behemoth makes absolutely great music videos. I think I will write a little blog post just on the music video evolution of Behemoth. Would you guys want that?

FreqsFact: There was a tiny bit of controversy when we were gonna release the film. Orion talked about the „merch mafia“ (venues taking a cut of the merch sales of a band. Blasphemy!) and some folks in the team were afraid that people would be able to determine which venues he might be referring to. We discussed it, and ultimately agreed, that this show is about the realities of touring for extreme metal bands. To leave this part out, in case it might offend a venue, was ultimately over-ridden.

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