NEW SERIES! Decibel Magazine presents Anchors to Asphalt: Extreme Metal Touring!

It’s time for a break from all this Prog, to just get extreme. Welcome to our new series, Anchors to Asphalt: Extreme Metal Touring presented by Decibel Magazine.

Me and Albert Mudrian, editor of Decibel and author of THE book on Grindcore and Death Metal, were looking for a project to do together. We featured Albert on our DIYfreqs series and since then exchanged talks about video content, publishing and the future of metal documentation.

So I came up with idea to do another tour series, but one that was the opposite of Ghosts of the Road. Let’s do a series that is extreme. Let’s feature extreme metal bands on tour and create a visceral experience of meeting your favorite band on the road, while uncovering the realities of what it means to be dedicated to the extreme metal formats. Anchors to Asphalt was the result of those ideas. We booked three bands right off the bat to film, coincidentally all of them were on Nuclear Blast at the time: Fear Factory, Soilwork and Behemoth.

FreqsFact: Actually Albert and I came up with more than 10 series ideas, and this was the one we chose to do first as it was logistically doable. Anchors to Asphalt follows in the tradition of other FreqsTV series that require at the very least only one person to film. Run n‘ gun, gorilla-filmmaking, kids.

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