Mid-season finale! Steven Wilson & The End of Progression – Into the Machine

Mid-season finale of Into the Machine – Steven Wilson is back on FreqsTV. I laid out my history with SW’s music when we made the Ghost of the Road episode with him.

This time, towards the end of the touring cycle for Hand. Cannot. Erase. Steven returned to Munich, but to a much bigger stage. The Munich Philharmonic Stage. It isn’t common for rock bands to play the Gasteig, the building that serves as the home for the Munich Philharmonic. But Steven Wilson also isn’t just any other rock band.

There was also a different feeling in the air this time around. SW was really growing in popularity and there were many more press people this time around. Their was a buzz growing as he reached into more diverse audiences. It was a thrill to see that progression from a year before. My adoration remained steadfast. Hand. Cannot. Erase. Is. A. Masterpiece. I absolutely love every moment of that album.

By the time we were editing this film, SW had released his EP 4 1/2. So we used the opener of that record for this film.

For the record, SW’s newest album, To the Bone, is in my top 5 for 2017. He only gets better. Which, as a fan, I have come a long way from those early feelings of not understanding the first Porcupine Tree album, On the Sunday of Our Lives. Fan4Life.

FreqsFact: I once saw SW play with Aviv Geffen for a Blackfield concert in Hoboken, NJ at a bar called Maxwell’s. Jordan Rudess played solo as the opening act. Blackfield, great band.

FreqsFact 2: This is our most popular video by far. The hype around SW is real.

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