Leprous is Win: True Norwegian Prog – Into the Machine

Kai turned me on to Leprous back in 2015. He was a big fan of the new album at the time, The Congregation, and suggested we get them on Into the Machine. When I finally heard the band, I couldn’t believe I missed them before. They were on one of my favorite labels, Inside Out Music, and had previously been on Ken Golden’s label Sensory. Even thought I was a big fan of Ken Goldens output, I seemed to miss the band.

Nevertheless, I was in and we had the chance to film with them while they were on tour for the Congregation. I consider them one of the guiding lights of progressive rock and their album, Malina, was in my top 5 for 2017.

FreqsFact: I had actually seen their drummer Baard Kolstad a few years before in a viral Youtube video called „Baard Kostad, the best drummer in Norway!!!“ filmed by a tourist. The video showed him playing on the streets in Oslo back in 2011. It was clear he was a force. Plus, Leprous brought Baards excellent prog band, Rendezvous Point, on the road with them and I was so blown away that we later filmed an episode of Spotlight with them. We also will soon release a portrait just on Baard as well.

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