Season Finale: Red Fang headlines Desert Fest Berlin & Other Stories – Ghosts of the Road

FreqsTV on the road!

For the Season Finale of Ghosts of the Road season one, Kai made his way up north for the coveted Desert Fest Berlin. I wasn’t able to go. I am arguably the bigger Red Fang fan. But Kai did not bring me back a T-shirt. Just sayin‘.

Red Fang were headlining and as fate would have it, had to drive 18 hours from England on the same day, so they arrived super late and Kai had to jump in to make the most out of it. Well the most is what we got. The boys in Red Fang were super cool with Kai following them around and being a fly on the wall for the hectic load in and warm up.

This was the first Ghosts of the Road episode that takes place within a festival, which made us realize that we need to adapt to a different shooting style. We generally spent hours filming setup and there is a lot of waiting around for the bands. But at a festival the rules change and things can get chaotic really fast. We would later apply these lessons for some future festivals shoots.

This episode was brought to you by the cool dude (Atarimatt) at IdiotBox Effects!

FreqsFact: This was final the episode of Season One of Ghosts of the Road presented by Guitar Magazine. Therefore it had the longest credit sequence. An entire 30 seconds. It was released on July 2nd, 2015. Other notable events that happened throughout history on July 2nd:

Thanks Wikipedia.

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