And So I Watch You From Afar: Take Nothing for Granted – Delayed Cinema

Episode 2 of our post-rock exploration, Delayed Cinema, has us meeting up with Northern Ireland’s post-rock superheroes And So I Watch You From Afar.

Just like in episode 1, we upped the crazy color correction, slow motion and Blurry Bursts. In particular, we improved on the Blurry Bursts. This is a particularly cool sequence. The bursts are just a succession of rapid fire photos that we made into a single video. The tower shot is really cool.

This time around, Kai was in Japan for some shoot, so I took along our other camera buddy, Michi, as well Kris „The Weapon“ Krash to handle lights and sound. This was the first time they were on a FreqsTV shoot but would soon become main characters. Michi went on to shoot many of our best episodes and Kris is our art director and responsible for many of our logos and other design things.

I first learned about ASIWYFA back when we were making the Munich Unsigned series. A bass player in a local band told me about them and I picked up the latest CD, All Hail Bright Futures from 2012. They are one of the most upbeat and energetic post-rock bands that I know. We met up with the lads just after the release of 2015’s Heirs.

FreqsFact: Kai and I pretty much started FreqsTV as two people, but since we launched in 2015 we now have about 15 regular, rotating volunteers who help keep the ship running. Everybody brings their own talents and expertise to FreqsTV and contributes to our overall mission of bringing out the best rock and metal videos. If you want to support us in someone, either with your own talents or means, please send us a mail:








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