Choosing Death: Decibel Magazine’s Albert Mudrian will not Stop! – DIYfreqs

If you don’t know yet who Albert Mudrian is, and you listen to death metal or grind core, then you are in for a treat.

Albert is not only the editor-in-chief of the USA’s definitive extreme metal magazine, Decibel, he also literally wrote the book on grindcore and death metal: Choosing Death. Albert is the next contestant on our DIYfreqs series as he has got to be one of the hardest working dudes in metal. Follow him on his socials. You will see what I mean. Albert has been a big supporter of what we are trying to do at FreqsTV and we even later on start our own joint series together, Anchors to Asphalt.

This is another meisterwerk from my man-on-the-ground in NYC, Ted Weinbaum. Shot on location at St. Vitus Bar and Webster Hall in NYC. He proves once again that it just takes one strong filmmaker to get in there and knock it out. Kudos, Ted!

FreqsFact: Ted was the co-producer, editor and sound guy on my first feature film, The Dragons of Jim Green. He’s a dear friend and we have had a lot of fun making movies together over the years. Here’s a little outtakes video of me, Ted and Beau (the DoP of Dragons of Jim Green) as we made that movie back in my hometown in rural South Carolina. Enjoy this non-music related break and remember to support your local filmmakers…its dangerous business!

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