Sleepmakeswaves wants to hear you BREATHE – Delayed Cinema

Post-rock. How to capture a musical style through visuals.

At this point in the game, Kai and I were looking to shake things up a bit. We had the obvious style of Ghosts of the Road going on. DIYfreqs was less about style as it was about highlighting the career of someone we admire. During this time, Kai and I were both listening to a lot of post-rock music, I was trying to form a post-rock band and Kai would go on to form an amazing post-rock band called Pictures from Nadira. (Highly recommended!) And we both are total pedal geeks (post-rock bands tend to use a lot of effects). So we thought „hey why don’t we make the first ever video series on post-rock bands!“ The nice folks at Lehle Switching Devices offered to support our journey and German music magazine, Visions, presented the newest series on FreqsTV, Delayed Cinema.

For this series, we wanted to go really crazy with the style, colors, and camerawork. So we developed a few elements that we would use in each of these episodes. Slow-motion, extreme color correction, lit, multiple people on-camera interviews, and the Blurry Burst (shooting a rapid series of photos and then stitching them together like a video. Here is a good example).

The first band we were able to connect with was Australia’s own sleepmakeswaves. As this was the first episode of the series, we had to work out the kinks a bit on the technical side, but I think it shows what the series is capable of. As you will soon see, the series only lasted three episodes. Shall we bring it back?

FreqsFact: The origins of this series actually lay in the foggy mists of time before the concept of FreqsTV was born. This was one of the series that we started trying to pitch as a standalone series to other media outlets without luck. I wrote about it in the blog post about our Protest the Hero video. One year before I met Jordan on the Musikmesse and at least 7 months before FreqsTV launched, I was in Frankfurt at the Musikmesse pitching this series to pedal companies and instrument distributors. Nobody was interested.

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