Kirk Weinstein Works 7 Days a Week in Crowbar – Ghosts of the Road

Believe it or not, the first time I heard about Crowbar was on Beavis and Butthead, the 90s MTV show created by Mike Judge. It must have been around the summer of 1994. I had a fairly strict upbringing in rural, South Carolina, so discovering metal bands was something of a covert operation. I probably got to watch MTV at my Dad’s house that summer in Ft. Worth, TX. I had already been stoked on Pantera for a few years, having discovered them when my Dad moved out to Ft. Worth in 1991. They were already legends in the DFW area. But I was mostly just late to the party with so many classic metal bands. But that’s a story for another time…

Once again, my buddy at Guitar Magazine, Marcel, hooked up the shoot for Ghosts of the Road with Kirk Weinstein as they had worked together on a number of articles for the magazine. I like the mood of this episode very much and Kirk just has a speaking voice that is so recognizable and has a lot of life experience in it. He was incredibly candid with me in the interview, as well as his fans who he hung around with at the merch table before and after the show. You can see Marcel chilling at the merch table with Mr. Weinstein at 3:27.

FreqsFact: I actually shot this about a week before the CoC Ghosts of the Road shoot. But we released it two weeks later. So within one week, I filmed with two existing or former members of the NOLA supergroup, Down. Coincidence? Yes.


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