Devin Townsend & The Waste Product of Music – Ghosts of the Road

Goals. Landmarks. Bucketlists. Whatever you call it, when I got the OK to hang around Devin Townsend for a day on tour to make another episode of Ghosts of the Road, I knew that what I was trying to do was working. It was an honor to feel that the body of work that I had completed up until this point would allow me to make this film. Each film leads to the next.

I think Devin says all the important stuff in the film so I won’t try. But his willingness to be open and honest and giving made this the film that it is. Having his little backstage guitar jam as part of the soundtrack also makes this film complete for me.

But the real magic is watching Devin deal with the amount of love he is receiving at the end of the concert and his internal debate for what to do. Escape to the backstage, or bring himself back to the adoration. When he returns to the curtain and pops his head out one more time, I’m grateful for being present to capture that moment before he finally disappears to his changing room.

Special thanks to Ryan „Fluff“ Bruce for including this video as one of his Suggestions of the Week. It brought a lot of new faces to our channel. Thanks for the love, Fluff!

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