Betraying the Martyrs Make Every Day on the Road Count – Ghosts of the Road

I think Betraying the Martyrs was the first Core band that I got into. I happened to see the video for Man Made Disaster from the album Breathe in Life (2011) and I was immediately taken by the progressive opener and melodic vocals of a very wetted-down Victor Guillet (keys). But then, about one whole minute into the song, Aaron Matts steps up (er…steps down?) to the mic and brings that voice that only he has. I was an instant fan.

So when Phantom came out, I was pretty stoked. I even really loved the Frozen cover (I’m the proud father of a bad-ass princess). It’s wicked and just shows you how great of a song that is from a writing standpoint…I digress.

So when I saw that Betraying the Martyrs was coming to town, I jumped at the chance to include them in Ghosts of the Road. Aaron was up for doing the narration and, in fact, gave me one of the most personal interviews so far at FreqsTV. The episode still stands as a personal favorite.

I love so much of the music that comes out of the Sumerian Records cosmos. But Betraying the Martyrs is on the top of the list.

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