Amorphis Tell Tales from the Thousand Lakes – Ghosts of the Road

Both Kai and I are big fans of early Amorphis, but particularly the retro rock years from Tuonella onward. In fact, I think that Amorphis has almost always been ahead of the curve. They started exploring their 70’s rock upbringing long before Opeth, Pain of Salvation or the rest of the metal world, including Earache Records. Tuonela (1999) and Am Universum (2001) are two of my most favorite Amorphis records for their progressive leanings, lush keyboards, and melodies.

However, Tales from the Thousand Lakes (1994) stands as a classic of folk death metal and another great album coming out of the mid-90’s.

Kai caught up with the band one cold, snowy day in December while they were touring the 20th anniversary of the classic album across Europe.

FreqsFact: For those of you keeping score at home, this was the first FreqsTV episode that Kai directed and shot alone, and the first one where I edited without having been on the shoot. What do you say to that! (the format of the show is King. We both know the way the show is shot and edited, and we can teach anyone to do it as you will soon see…)

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