The Temperance Movement: Blues Rock til ya Drop – Ghosts of the Road

Ok, I know we said this was a metal channel and now, we have another non-metal band on the show. The Temperance Movement is squarely blues rock. However, they are bad-ass and there would be no metal without the blues… I think metal fans will like this. And don’t be surprised when we have other non-metal bands from time to time. Besides, these guys are on Earache, one of the most traditionally metal labels that signed the likes of Napalm Death. Truth be told, they are moving more into the retro, 70s rock thing lately, but nevertheless, Earache is a legend. And as a result of this video, I got acquainted personally with the label, which is rad!

Ok, so this was a fun shoot. Back in the Backstage Halle venue in Munich with some proper Englishmen. Drummer Damon Wilson (who is, in fact, Australian, not English) gave me the narration. The band and crew were a lot of fun and treated me to a meal and some fine hand-ground coffee. Nothing brings people together like a cup of Joe.

If you have not seen the Temperance Movement live, you are missing something. They are fantastic. This was memorable. And how about Damon’s Marilyn Monroe tank top? the best.

FreqsFact: The voiceovers you hear on these videos are recorded with a Shure broadcast microphone going into a Zoom H4N. I typically hold the mic for the interview which not only allows me to control unwanted grip noise on the microphone, but means I have to sit very close to the subject. This makes this more conversational than a typical over the shoulder interview where I would be separated from the subject by a few feet. Some of the series that we produced later used that type of interview setting and I think the tone and feeling of those interviews is a stark contrast to these. What do you think?

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