Gotthard: Swiss Rockers Carry On – Ghosts of the Road

This episode was the first one that I shot.

When I got together with Marcel from Guitar Magazine to talk about who we could feature first, he had already had the idea to get Swiss hard rockers Gotthard on the show. He knew they were down to earth and would be cool with me following them around with cameras. And sure enough, they were.

I ended up doing two separate interviews for this. One with bass player Marc Lynn and one with singer Nic Maeder. I did the first interview with Marc but when the band’s manager arrived, he suggested I should also interview Nic as he is the front man and also an English native speaker. We didn’t have time to do the interview before the show so Nic agreed to meet me after the show for another half hour interview. He came into the interview at 12:30 am with an upbeat and friendly attitude, even though he had just spent himself for 3 hours in front of thousands of fans. That pretty much sums up the general vibe of the band and crew. It was the best way to start shooting this series for me because it was so relaxed. I had no idea how this would go down and it couldn’t have worked out better.

As this was the first episode of Ghosts of the Road that I shot, I brought too much gear. Nikon 5D, bunch of lenses, a LensBaby and Bernies motorised dolly. As this was the first episode, it was also the first edit. This was the episode I used to show to bands, promoters, and managers in the early days to convince them to let me in. It worked nearly everytime.

FreqsFact: The LensBaby was first used on this episode (which gives that ghost look where part of the shot is blurred and the other shop) Believe it or not, I only used that in a few episodes. Free t-shirt for anyone who can point out which episodes use the LensBaby!


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