Let’s get started! Protest the Hero: of their Own Volition – Ghosts of the Road

So we have to start somewhere….

Let’s let it be here. Protest the Hero are featured in the very first episode of Ghosts of the Road, an original series by the all new metal video magazine, FreqsTV. The series is presented by Guitar.de

FreqsTV was born out of inspiration and frustration. Me and my camera buddy Kai (who you will see popping up around here in due time) had been shooting episodes for the second season of our documentary series, Munich Unsigned. In Munich Unsigned, we explored the underground rock and metal scene where we live, in Munich, Germany. The series gained some momentum and it was becoming a unifying force for the local scene. It was our way of supporting the scene we were both a part of with our own bands.

It was half way through the second season that I begun to wonder why there wasn’t any channel like ours but for bigger bands. We had also just shot a fun 6-part tour documentary for Italian Cinematic Hollywood Metal band, Rhapsody of Fire. We shot that in one day with a small crew and turned it into a 30 minute documentary. So I thought: „Well, we could pull this off if we develop a simple shooting style and keep our crew size small“. We developed some show ideas and decided to present these to some folks. So Kai and I explored contacts we had with other music magazines and media companies to pitch something like we would later make. But no dice. Nobody was biting.

So we made our own channel. After consulting with my friend, the vice-editor-in-chief of Guitar Magazin, Marcel Thenée, he offered to executive produce our first series and help me make the connections to the bands we wanted. And so Ghosts of the Road was born.

Ghosts of the Road was meant to be an intimate, dreamy black and white portrait of bands on the road while one member narrates. The first episode that I shot (actually not the Protest episode), was the test. And it worked great, though now I take a lot less gear. Ghosts of the Road is a one-man show. We generally film this solo. Sometimes, if the venue is big or we need a lot of extra b-roll, we roll out as 2, but to keep the intimacy and the fly on the wall feeling (and to stay the hell out of the way of the band and crew doing their work) it’s nice to fly solo.

The boys in Protest were incredibly open and welcoming to me and our idea of FreqsTV (nobody had seen an episode yet). They got the idea right away and Tim gave the quintessential Ghosts of the Road voiceover interview. As this was the first episode we released, it was paramount that PTH share this with their fans to start getting the word out.

Kai, myself, and another long time collaborator, Bernie, met at a coffee shop in Munich on January 7th, 2015. We bought a few coffees so they would let us have the wifi code and we nestled into a table on the 2nd floor. At 7pm we hit the public share button on the first ever episode of any series on FreqsTV. We celebrated and split up to drop off flyers for the new show around at our favorite bars. At about midnight, we had maybe a hundred views. I was a little disappointed but I knew the PTH boys had not shared it yet back home in Toronto. So I tried to be patient.

I woke up at around 2am and looked at my phone. We had 2k views. PTH had just shared the video. I smiled and went back to sleep. And thats how it all began…

FreqsFact: The shot of the microphone at 1:07  quickly became a signature FreqsTV & Ghosts of the Road shot. Blurry mic becomes sharp. Anybody who can point out how many time we do this shot throughout the Ghost of the Road series gets a tshirt…


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